February 9, 2009

Paper accepted at PRET'09

Last weekend I received word that my paper for the PRET'09 conference is accepted with some minor revisions to implement. The abstract of my paper is as follows:
The relationship between strategy and enterprise architecture is troublesome in many organizations. It seems that this cumbersome relationship is similar to the more ‘traditional’ tension that seemingly exists between business and IT. This paper explores three underlying causes of this tension, most notably (1) overlap in domain of expertise, (2) different languages and (3) different underlying worldviews. It is argued that there is no single solution to resolving this tension. Instead, the tension should be seen as a polarity that must be managed continuously. Only by ensuring that both groups of practitioners have a shared understanding of the issues that the firm faces and are committed to resolving them together can the tension between these groups be relieved.
I'm looking forward to presenting my work on the conference in Amsterdam, esepcially since I know that several other interesting papers will be presented there. Hope to see you all in Amsterdam!

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