December 19, 2008

Enterprise Architecture - Creating Value by Informed Governance

A couple of weeks ago our book about Enterprise Architecture was published by Springer. The book has been written in close collaboration between Capgemini and the Radboud University and it was quite some experience to write such a book. I'm Claudia Steghuis and a guest writer on this blog. Of course, I would like to convince you all to read this book, but I'm also interested in professionalizing the Enterprise Architecture field and I hope that we succeeded just a bit in that by publicizing this book. In our book we also indicate many research opportunities within enterprise architecture, like principles, competences and tasks, etc. I would like to encourage everyone to participate in researching these opportunities.

Twenty years after the first publications and books on enterprise architecture, the domain is evolving from a technology-driven towards a more business-driven approach, thus empowering decision makers to adapt and transform an enterprise in order to keep up with changing business needs. The authors aim to provide an overview of enterprise architecture including the process of creating, applying and maintaining it, taking into account the perspectives of CxOs, business managers, enterprise architects, solution architects, designers and engineers. Covering both theoretical foundations and practical use, and written in close collaboration between industry professionals and academic lecturers, Enterprise Architecture offers an ideal introduction for students in areas like business information systems or management science, as well as guidance and background for professionals.

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